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Flyer - simply more packages

Matching our special offers of the ConturoMatic we offer you our “Simply more packages”.
With the Best Price, Win-Win and Service-Plus offers, we want to accommodate you in the current situation to find your individual solution together!

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Flyer - ConturoMatic TS-UD

With the ConturoMatic TS-UD you are always one step ahead.
Through the separated measuring axis X and Z, the intuitive software and the standard CNC-mode inclusive an automatically zenith search in Y, even complicated contour measurements are going to become an easy routine measurement.

DOWNLOAD: Flyer - ConturoMatic TS-UD

Flyer - ConturoMatic CV120

The ConturoMatic CV120 is a classic contour measuring instrument that impresses with intelligent functions and sensible automation. It offers everything that a powerful and reliable contour measuring system needs to be able to do.
Originally developed to monitor industrial manufacturing processes, our CV120 does a great job in the metrology room, thanks to robust mechanics and powerful software. Workpieces can be measured automatically throughout the entire measuring range. The calibration of the entire feed unit is fully automatic. High measuring precision, detailed evaluation and easy operation make the CV120 particularly attractive.

DOWNLOAD: Aktionsflyer - ConturoMatic CV120


Die Control 2020 findet virtuell statt. Die QPT ist als virtueller Aussteller mit dabei.

As an annual exhibitor at Control at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, we are glad to be able to present in this new format. Because of the current situation, the Control 2020 was unfortunately canceled. Nevertheless, you can visit our virtual trade fair appearance.

To the virtual Exhibition Control-Virtual


Next-level thread measurement

The increasing demand for precision, the need to ensure the function and safety of screw connections, and last but not least the requirements of the current IATF 16949 regarding the monitoring of measuring equipment, require new, modern thread measuring methods. Product safety and lightweight construction also require compliance with tighter tolerances. The comprehensive testing and documentation of all relevant thread parameters is often unavoidable.

QPT-Infofolder_Thread Measurement_engl_SingleSides_2019-05
QPT-Gewindemessung, implementierte Standards

Thread scanner - practical positioning / recording


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